Artist to Artist: Luke Combs on the Fiddle and Fishing With The Highwomen

Who’s the better bow fisherman, Combs or Brandi Carlile?

November 6, 2019

Luke Combs is set to be the host for RADIO.COM’s coverage of 53rd Annual CMA Awards, including the “CMA Red Carpet Countdown,” a one-hour on-air special simulcasting on all RADIO.COM Country stations before the CMAs. It’s a big job, but we know he’s up to the task.

Just to be sure, we did a little QA on Luke’s Q & A abilities, making sure that he could handle tough questions from his peers. We brought in a few of the toughest we know, with Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, and Amanda Shires of The Highwomen throwing Combs quick questions and forcing the “Beer Never Broke My Heart” singer to think on his feet.

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“Luke Combs, I was just wondering how much you loved singing with me at C2C?” asks Natalie Hemby. That seems like an easy answer, but be careful Luke.
Some men have died on lesser landmines. Make sure you get this right.

“I enjoyed it a lot. You’re a lot better songwriter than I am though so it was pretty intimidating to have to play when you were playing all your amazing ‘number one, song of the year’ type songs and I was just playing my boring old songs,” Combs says modestly with expert precision. That’s next level answering from our friend Luke. This is going to be great! “Thank you for that. Learned a lot,” he adds.

Next up it’s Brandi Carlile, ready to hit Luke with another loaded one.
“I’m just wondering,” she says as she coils back, ready to release. She leans forward with her eyebrow arched. “Who’s a better bow fisherman, me or you?”

“I am a better bow fisherman than Brandi Carlile, sorry,” Combs responds. “We went on the river, out on a little Cumberland River bow fishing adventure. If I remember correctly I was the only one who got a fish in the boat that night. So, I think that answers your question.”

A bold move from Luke, but we respect the sportsmanship. Finally, it’s Amanda Shires to give Combs his final question.

“Luke Combs, would you rather learn to play the fiddle…” pauses Shires.
“The end,” she adds as the others erupt with laughter.

“You played the fiddle wonderfully during ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and I will never be as good at fiddle as you are,” he says. “So I’m gonna pass on learning the fiddle. I would love to, but I’m just never gonna be as good as you, so I can’t do it.”

Well played sir. We respect the response and can’t wait to see you out at the CMAs. Check out all of our coverage of the 2019 CMA Awards with Luke Combs including the “CMA Red Carpet Countdown.” You can only hear it here and on the RADIO.COM app at 7pm ET on Wednesday November 13.

Be sure to watch the 53rd Annual CMA Awards live from Nashville on Wednesday, November 13th at 8PM ET / 7PM CT on ABC.

Luke Combs new album, What You See Is What You Get, arrives everywhere on Friday November 8.

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