Luke Combs amends a "mean tweet"

Helps fan out for upcoming NYC show

December 6, 2018

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The original tweet from a fan/ticket buyer in New York has since been deleted but you can get the gist of the message in responses from Luke Combs on twitter this week.  He was likely just trying to school the fan on the difference between buying tickets early (tickets for this show were around $50) and waiting to the last minute and trying to buy them from a resale site. However, his snippy response was met with backlash from some fans (and high fives from others).  Here's his original "mean tweet", which really wasn't THAT mean in the twitter world, and the follow up message with an offer to get that fan in for free!  Moral of the story- get your tickets early or risk paying WAY more than you want. HIS SHOW IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!  We love Luke Combs : )