Morgan Wallen's epic mugshot

Wallen apologized after incident in downtown Nashville

May 28, 2020
Morgan Wallen

@Ron Elkman


Country music artist Morgan Wallen (Chasin' You, Whiskey Glasses) and friends got a bit unruly at Kid Rock's bar in Nashville over the weekend and the police were called. Wallen ended up arrested for public intoxication.  Later he apologized on Twitter, "Hey y’all just wanted to clear the air," Wallen tweeted. "I went out downtown last night with a few old friends. After a couple bar stops, we were horse-playing with each other. We didn't mean any harm, and we want to say sorry to any bar staff or anyone that was affected."

After bonding out he posted this pic alongside the namesake of the bar where the incident took place, Kid Rock. 

Fresh out

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Here's the epic MUGSHOT that we'll likely see on merch next year... or not.