Ice Cream. For Breakfast?

November 29, 2016

Are you eating ice cream for breakfast?  If you are, you may be smarter than you think.  Really, researchers aren't sure why, but they do think you might be smarter if you choose ice cream to get your day started.  

A Tokyo scientist, had one group of people eat ice cream right after waking up and the other group just ate a normal breakfast . . . and then they both did the same series of mental exercises. He found the people who ate ice cream had faster reaction times and processed information better.  When he monitored their brain waves, he also found they were more alert and calmer. Why?  No real idea. Two theories,there's some ingredient in ice cream that helps your brain . . . or that eating ice cream makes you HAPPY, which boosts your mental energy.  They need to study eating fudge for breakfast :-)