Natural Remedies for Anxiety

January 9, 2017

I have anxiety.  Not about talking on the Radio.  No problem there.  Not about getting on stage in front of lots of people.  I've got that handled.  I have anxiety & panick attacks without warning about seemingly nothing.  But, of course, if you have these attacks, like I do, it is something.  It is a scary feeling of dread, accompanied by chest/heart pains.  I am naturally an over thinker & go into hyper-over thinker drive when I have an attack.  I do not take meds (although, I do believe they are necessary for some people.  Just not me.  Not yet.)  I do follow up on natural remedies that might help.  Mostly, I just breath & power through the attacks, because, I never know why or when I will have one.  FUN!  So, if you are like me or know someone who also has anxiety, maybe some of these will help.  Obviously, these are not a cure all & anxiety is NO JOKE.  These are just some of the things that have helped me :-)