A Message from Mo & StyckMan - All We Need Is Love

June 2, 2020

Mo: There is a lot going on in our country right now and we have thought and thought about how we feel about this and I think we’re like a lot of you, you know, we hurt when people are hurting. We’re sad when people are sad, we can be upset, lots of emotions… we want justice, we want equality and I think what it comes down to for us, when we see everything that’s unfolded in the last week or so, is what we really need is love. StyckMan and I have done some talking and he kind-of put some of his own words on paper and I thought “you know what, that just really sums up kind-of what we all need right now.” StyckMan I’m gong to make you read that…

StyckMan: This is a 100% true story. When someone asks me How are you? or how ya been,  or whatever, I nearly always say "I ain't hatin nobody,  because hate takes to much energy and I’m pretty lazy"... to be honest, I started saying that to make the person in front of me smile because they've been in a convenience store or whatever and they’ve heard "fine" or "ok" or whatever and that was the end of the conversation.  For me though, it nearly always works, that person looks up and smiles and we have a small conversation after that about ...whatever.  I know it makes my day better and I hope it made their day a little better too.   I didn't really realize how true it is. Hating takes a LOT of energy. Hate divides. Hate draws a line. Hate makes people mad. Love on the other hand. Love pulls us together. Love erases that line. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard where someone was angry because they were LOVED!  Can we spread a little more love in the world?  Having said that... I love you...all! for real... I love you.