Burger King Is Testing a Fry Burger

February 17, 2020

Photo: Burger King NZ Website

If you've ever thought "Hey, this burger could be so much better if it didn't have meat on it but just had french fries!" Then you just might be in luck. Burger King in New Zealand has done just that.

The folks at ComicBook.com says that the "Chip Butty" carries "a striking resemblance to England's fabled Chip Butty dish" But their version comes with BK's iconic fries between the standard sesame seed bun, with globs of ketchup and mayonaise. 

BK offered something similar here in the States back in 2013 and it also came with a hamburger patty and traditional burger toppings like lettuce and mayo. BKNZ's Chip Butty is now available at participating New Zealand locations. According to ComicBook.com "carrying a price tag of NZ$2 as a part of the company's Change Range menu, roughly equivalent to $1.29 stateside."