Cookeville Putnam County Tornado Relief Fund

March 5, 2020

Cookeville Mayor Ricky Shelton


Hey yall it's StyckMan, This week Middle Tennessee was hit very hard by tornados. Cookeville in particular was hit very hard. That is my "neck of the woods." I have some very close friends and family in the area. Thank the good Lord they are ok. But they are still digging out, and will be for a while. 

We do have some good news to report. All of the missing and unaccounted for have been found. 

Cookeville's Mayor Ricky shelton says “Right now the best way you can help, if you want to do that, is have a fund raiser or have whatever and donate it to this fund because that money will be distributed evenly and directly to all the victims.” 

You can make donations to the Cookeville Area folks via Venmo and Paypal..

•Venmo @CookevillePutnamCountyTornado

Mayor Shelton also says, “I want to make that clear, not one penny of this will be used for anything other than the victim use so that they can pay bills, funeral expenses, whatever is needed for them, that’s where the money will go.” 

Shelton also said that the relief effort has plenty of supplies, and even though more made be needed later, it is monetary donations that is currently needed.