Is StyckMan's House Haunted Pt2

July 3, 2020

Photo Cred - StyckMan

Hey, it's StyckMan. If you've been listening to the Mo & StyckMan show, maybe you've heard that my house may be haunted. Previously we told a story about a TV in my basement that just came on by itself. (hear audio at the bottom of THIS story)

Well now, we have a new story. It happened a week or so ago. I was sitting on my steps, putting on my shoes. When I turned around i noticed that the lid on my garbage can was swinging back and forth as if someone had put something in the trash. But no one was around... Give this a listen and tell us what you think. 

Well? What do you think? Haunted? We did have a listener call and suggest that maybe we have a mouse that just fell in the trash can. Whereas that is a possibility, we have had no other signs of mice. No torn up food packages, no poop pellets nothing. I'll file that one under a definite maybe and will keep my eyes open. Any other suggestions?

In case you missed the first "haunting story" here it is. This within a couple of weeks of moving into our new home.