Mo & StyckMan Plus - Is Kip Moore Related to Justin Moore?

August 30, 2020
Kip Moore

Don Luzynski Photography

 Kip Moore visited the Mo & StyckMan show via a phone call to discuss touring, writing music, rock climbing and Moore.  Justin Cole is filling in and helping with the conversation. 

Kip Said, "It's a heckuva thing to put out a record in the middle of a pandemic" when asked about if he's missing touring. "I can't even go on the road and this seems to be the most on fire the fans have ever been about any record I've had." His album "Wild World" which features the hit single "She's Mine" has sold more vinyl records than any other Kip Moore Album. "In an era where you don't sell any physical copies," he says, "it was INSANE the amount of vinyl records that everybody wanted of this record."

Switching gears StyckMan asked about one of his hobbies, ROCK CLIMBING. "Is that something that quarantine boredom brought on, or is that something that you've been doing all along?" Laughing, Kip said that he has "always been fascinated by the extreme sports world. I've always been very intrigued by rock climbing"  He really got into it about a year ago and for the first three months of quarantine, they climbed five days a week. He went on to explain that the "height" aspect of climbing was very tough.

Justin brought up Kip's documentary, 7 Days at the Rock that, according to Kip breaks down the process of writing his record and "the importance of taking things back to the essentials and drowning out all the noise that the world is constantly pushing in our face."


If you ever want to make Kip Moore Stutter and Stammer, just listen to him try to talk about the good things he's done. Even though he was on the phone, you could just SEE his face blush we brought up him opening a $5000 tab at the Wild Cow Restaurant in Nashville for those were struggling financially, ANND... donated another $2000 to the staff at the Wild Cow. 

Here on the Mo & StyckMan show we have a game called "Is, Was, Did, Does" where we Google "Is Kip Moore..." and "Was Kip Moore..." and so on,  We pick out some of the better things that folks have Googled about the artist. We learned if Kip Moore is related to Justin Moore? Was Kip Moore ever a bull rider? Did Kip Moore play baseball? and finally what DOES Kip Moore's chest tattoo say? Listen below for his answers.