Luke Bryan Launches His own Beer

February 20, 2020

Luke Bryan has a new beer. It's called Two Lane American Golden Lager.  In a video announcing the product Luke explains: "It's called 'Two Lane' because it's perfect for the kind of places you'll find at the end of a two lane road: fishin' holes, camp sites, and dive bars." 

According to their website, "Two Lane tastes like that certain feeling you get when you’re most comfortable, most connected, and most yourself: the feeling you get of being home." The brewer says Luke "wanted a smooth sippin’ beer with a satisfying taste to enjoy when kicking back at home with friends and family. Inspired by these moments, he collaborated to create Two Lane American Golden Lager, a modern take on an easy-to-enjoy beer."

The press release at says: "Bryan’s support of Two Lane goes far deeper than a celebrity endorsement. He’s played an instrumental role throughout the entire process, from tasting to creative development. In fact, Bryan is so proud of Two Lane, he’s put his name on it, literally signing off on every can."

Two Lane American Golden Lager will be available in the Southeast at first, hitting shelves in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia on March 2nd. The beer will be sold in 6-pack cans, 12-pack cans, 16-ounce single-serve cans and on draft. A 12-pack of cans is selling for around $15.99.

Luke launches his Proud to Be Right Here Tour on May 28th in Cincinnati, and on April 24th he'll release his new studio album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.