Luke Combs Takes On “Man of Constant Sorrow” and New Music

February 11, 2020

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images


If someone covers "Man of Constant Sorrow," it has to be done a certain way. George Clooney and the gang set a specific standard when the filmed the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". 

First, It has to be awesome! You can't just coast though that song. It's too good of a song to mess up. Next, the whole band has to gather around one microphone. Listen, we know you have multiple microphones available, but it just ain't right if you aren't using just one. 

Luke Combs and his band NAILED IT at a recent show in Peoria, IL. 

Luke is also trying out new music during his live shows. He's been trying out this new song, in Combs' words, "I guess its probably  called 'Without You.'" This song is SO NEW it doesn't even have an OFFICIAL NAME yet. Listen.

The song is a tip of the hat to all those that are behind him as he makes his way to super-stardom. He honors mom and dad, his fiancee and his fans in the track.