MASH and the Coronavirus

March 31, 2020

Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Everyone has been talking about Coronavirus and everything that goes with it for the last several weeks. Social distancing, toilet paper shortages, and touching our face are trending topics nearly every where you look. 

A Facebook user named Frank Vaccariello looked to the Television show M*A*S*H for some help. In his post he writes "I have sincerely believed for a long time that whatever issue life puts in front of us M*A*S*H had a solution." 

We're all havikng to find ways to kill time while we're in our homes, Vaccariello says "I had some pent up creative energy today, so I did this while you were all cleaning your closets and'

Check out the video below, it's crazy how it REALLY DOES relate to what we're going through today. 

A story about the video was even picked up by the folks at