Brantley Gilbert is Working on his Dad Bod

January 30, 2020

Brantley Gilbert is currently on his Fire'T Up Tour with Chase Rice, Dylan Scott and Brandon Lay. Mo & StyckMan talked to Brantley about the tour, tackling the toughest question first. How do you pronounce it? Gilbert proudly exclaimed "Fire't Up!" It sounds a lot like "Fire it Up" just with Brantley's southern drawl. He went on to explain how "it's funny to listen to people all over the country say it." He said "they're like 'is it Fart UP?”... "Naw, Naw!" he says.

During the tour, Brantley is partnering with Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) to place a spotlight on the value locally sourced meats, dairy and produce can make on each community purchasing a selection of products for catering on each concert stop. Brantley says "this is an incredible organization, man they help veterans find work in agriculture, coming home and helping them make that transition and finding work" he continues,  "it's amazing at the opportunities that presents themselves every year when it comes to working with veterans and the great people in this country that want to do awesome things for them."

Brantley's tour catering partner, Taste Event, will work with local farmers in 25 cities on the 2020 tour to create a farm-to-catering approach for the tour's footprint. The 'What happens in a Small Town' singer said "Catering has promised us that we will be very much pleased, and they never disappoint"

BG is also associating with Musically Fed, a non-profit that distributes excess food each night to organizations tackling hunger in each market.

When talking about what he likes to eat while he's on tour Brantley says "I like everything" admitting "I eat terribly but my metabolism has always been so wide open it hadn't mattered." But now that he's getting a little older, in his words he's "rockin' a little dad bod."

Mo & StyckMan played "Is, Was, Did, Does" with Brantley which tackles some of the most Googled questions about the country superstar like, "is he related to Melissa Gilbert (of Little House on the Prairie fame)? How WAS he discovered? He said "hell, I ain't been by a lot of people, they still tryin' to find me." Did he serve in the military? Does he have a kid? Spoiler alert, two, and he loves them very much.

Here the full interview below.

*Dates incorporating Farmer Veteran Coalition and Musically Fed

1/30 Moline, IL*
1/31 Highland Heights, KY*
2/1 Salem, VA*
2/6 Green Bay, WI*
2/7 Minneapolis, MN*
2/8 Milwaukee, WI*
2/13 Greensboro, NC*
2/14 Louisville, KY*
2/15 Chattanooga, TN*
2/20 Evansville, IN*
2/21 North Little Rock, AR*
2/22 Tulsa, OK*
2/27 Toledo, OH*
2/28 Youngstown, OH*
2/1 Pikeville, KY*
3/19 Nampa, ID
3/20 Portland, OR
3/21 Tacoma, WA
3/26 Ontario, CA
3/27 Fresno, CA
3/28 Las Vegas, NV
4/16 Greenville, SC*
4/17 Tuscaloosa, AL*
4/18 Orange Beach, AL*
4/23 Florence, SC*
4/24 Charleston, WV*
4/25 Knoxville, TN*
4/30 Lincoln, NE*
5/1 Sioux Falls, SD*
5/2 Grand Forks, ND*
5/8 Morrison, CO*