An Open Letter to "Big Game" Advertisers

January 12, 2019

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Dear Big Game Advertisers,

Lets try something new this year. PLEASE don't release your commercials for "The Big Game" until the night of THE GAME. You can tease them, maybe a 10sec teaser but don't release the whole commercial. 

See, I'm not the biggest SPORTS fan on the planet, so I'm sitting there waiting for the awesome commercials. But, in the past few years they've been released early and since we've seen them all, they're really not all that special. 

I remember "The Steeler and the Pittsburg Kid"...

...and Apple introducing the Macinthosh. 

I remember the Frogs

I remember it as "Nuthin But Net" even though it seems to be called "Jordan vs Bird"

these are just a few. But they were SPECIAL. They were things we talked about for days...maybe even WEEKS afterwards.. shoot, I"m talkin about them YEARS afterwards. 

The internet is an amazing place it's easy advertising to relese them early but but lets hold off... IN FACT, if you'd wait to release them AFTER they air, I'd bet folks would SHARE THEM MORE! "Did you see that "Brand X" Commercial last night. It was AWESOME!" 

Bring back the MYSTERY of these ads.