StyckMan's DIY Desk

July 15, 2020

On Father's Day weekend, my boys and I always get together and do SOMETHING. This year, the day before, we just hung around the house and told stories and laughed. The "COVID" hampered our plans to go out. But that' ok, we had a great time. Spending time with my boys is what it's all about, no matter where we are. And that's just what we did, spent time together.

My youngest son Devon, who happens to be the Mid-Day Air Personalty on 103.7 Kiss FMcame and spent the weekend with us. The purpose was to build a desk for my new office/studio. I have no idea where he came up with these skills, because he surely didn't get them from me or anybody in our house. 

I told him that I'd help, but really as you watch the video above... I did a lot of "supervising." Just to pacify me, he'd give me this small, easy to understand jobs. "Here, drill this hole here" .... "Here, Paint this!" That's probably best, I'm sure I'd screwed something up had I done any more.