What is "Milking Cucumbers" And Does It Make Them Taste Better

May 15, 2020

When we're bored we do new things with our food? See Above Video!

Apparently, there's a new trend from TikTok where people are MILKING CUCUMBERS...and you know, if it's on TikTok it's the THING TO DO. See Above Video!

Here's how it works, you cut the end off of a cucumber, then start rubbing that little piece that you just cut off in a circular motion on the area of the cucumber you just cut it from. See Above Video!

And as you do it, white stuff starts coming out of the edges of the cucumber. Hence the name "milking?!"  When you brush that stuff away and eat the cucumber . . . believe it or not, it TASTES BETTER

Is this real? "Yes, this is a real thing," John Adler, vice president of culinary operations at meal-kit delivery service Blue Apron, told TODAY. "Cucurbitacin [the stuff that comes out during the "milking"] is the compound in cucurbits — the family of vegetables of which cucumbers is a member — that makes them bitter."

So by "milking" your cucumber, it can taste better, fresher and less bitter.