A Woman Took Off Her Pants In The Post Office & Uses Her Underwear As A Face Mask

May 27, 2020

Granted wearing a face mask is not the most convenient thing to do. Plus, folks questioning whether they work or not, folks trying to find a "work around" like cutting a hole in in them because it makes it easier to breathe, folks verbally attacking folks at the grocery store, the folks that designed a mask with an open hole so you can eat.. It's just too weird. NOW we have this… one more little thing to prove we are losing it. 
Security cameras caught this lady who walked into the post office in Kiev, Ukraine to handle some personal postal business but they wouldn’t serve her without a mask, she did what any inventive red blooded human being would do she tried to fashion one real quick.

She didn't search for a hanky...no...she just dropped trou right in the post office, slides her underwear off, puts them on her face, and puts her pants back on like this is normal.

Just watch...