Working From Home Is Hard For All Of Us - Some Just Have To Do It Publicly

April 2, 2020

    Working from home has it's challenges. Especialy when you factor in the fact that EVERYONE is at home. This reporter has found out the hard way that television is a little harder when the family doesn't know where "The shot" is.

    While Jessica was delivering her report, she noticed something on her mom's face, and cut herself off.  She asked, "What did you do mom?" It was then when she realized what mom was looking at - Jessica's dad was walking into the shot while putting on a t-shirt. The video ends with Jessica annoyingly yelling "Dad, Holy Crap!" then the video ends. 

    Luckily she wasn't live so it never made it to air, but i just proves that every has their struggles of working from Home. 

    Stay Home, Stay Connected! We'll get through this.