Savannah Jones

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Having been raised in Georgia, Savannah has deep roots in the South. She has a fondness for pecan farms, peach orchards, Varsity hot dogs & Krystal Hamburgers. She started in radio while in college in North Dakota & has been at is ever since. Radio and music are her passion. She can’t sing a lick, not even karaoke, that’s a fact. However, she will enthusiastically encourage you to sing at the top of your lungs, if that is your kind of thing.She has traveled to all 50 states & lived in Tucson, Minneapolis, Des Moines, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto & Portland. Her favorite cities have rivers running through them. Memphis is her kind of town

The 2 questions she is asked most often:

Do you like Country Music? is her favorite!
Do you get to meet the Artists? Yes and occasionally, she’ll even splurge and buy their t-shirts.
She was 8 years old the first time she visited Memphis with her family and she is excited to learn all she can about this GREAT city, the mighty Mississippi and the surrounding areas. Tigers & Grizzlies & BBQ, Oh my!

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