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Friday, July 28th


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It's healed and ready for all the all in tonight is ladies' night at the Memphis red birds game and Luke Al. He's basically the whole sort of showtime about baseball it's about Luke well. At the red birds game go more Alou did thanks so much for calling it I've brandy here Brady is like our. Legitimate. Bachelor and bachelorette. No well. That's I are right we'll get more ended. But. More programming. She yeah. Yet and there are a lot of ladies that are ecstatically to come to town to autism park for the Mets is Robert's game tonight ladies night which sometimes here if yours and guy. Every guy hits up ladies night are always that's special night. I guess yeah that's going college that whereby regardless of where the guys are late night. That's right word dumb have to pay like that fifteen dollar recovered getting a model that's get a free. And I did get some tickets yet tickets are related to already yes that is available so look you were on season twelve of the bachelor I would Jo-Jo Fletcher an analyst is certainly getting. How did you even get. Hate to be on the show how that all happened. As pretty far mandate that you have attacked or they're paying in different cities but my hair lady earned Mac are protected in on the you've got a caveat that you like Ella is gonna article about a year ago well actually call me aunt partly out of I'll wrap it up and you. Ed they all you know we have a packet and then Bob act. I'd trade it definitely got a legislating chimneys the government here. So really remote. That's unbelievable I got out to. Yeah Kim Kim this really just amp that up and and to the plate swing and it's great. So when you're starting go and into the bachelorette did you actually think that you're gonna fall in love with with that person is that that you really looking for. Yeah you know I mean I just went to an open mind and are now aren't they probably don't want caught up in the that was that. And I was are. That would how to lay out hotter would expect. Now the open minded. And sure enough by then nobody knows what I eat amenities that your and and bring your own content on your close friend and everything you do that is really the point that what you just realize that I don't I got some. About you know let you're gonna be going home that are taking a Hulk workers at the bandwidth when every girl on. Yeah become very. He would have. So Izard jealousy that amongst the other guys is obviously it's a competition and you wanna win. It not valid patent dispute this at all awkward at all realize that entered the market he. And articulate what they'll. You'd kind of happen. Could be your belt and describe it like it is it's if you like he ray and it worked out. She uses Easley may not you know that not you can think about that appears. It's kind of a tactic that. It's yelled at night for one all the brandy and we have on the phone Luke tell he was on season twelve of the bachelorette. With Joseph Joseph Fletcher he's gonna be at the red birds game tonight it's ladies night so it's a good deal and exe to hang out which is pretty cool but I don't Brady there's one question even diner as Luke what is it. Satellite I have got to Ned. The Al real ID to eight debate on the set of the bachelor at. And so part of that question our campus. Treated that are I don't eat. All you really don't eat the food just like goes to waste. They read on it answered on the state is a leader in arm the cleanup and need afterward but Unser. Wow. A kid you know they want if you easier you know almost on that urged that people are. That attractive when they're. Mature and armor or shock or whatever you now. That's how I got my ladies and then you need a stake. Kirk and. A Mac and are at stake. So they just kind of leave that. It's edited editing that out on native. Actually do that Hewlett and it. Talking and it'd eat or after the date at least art but I would Billick awkward it is it's who wasn't there on camera they've put. Property their worth are on. It's but it's good prop threw it right it's like. But the real the real bill and art media out of outlook and he. I cannot imagine of Saddam any carrier Hungary. I greatly. Your take is all I live an international right now. What you think home cooked meal you miss the rest armor are. You know there's a lot. One paying. Aren't any young they're revised state that that we took our detectives are you dug grave my parents actually opened up a a barbecue restaurant on main street. No I'm from. After they're retired and and though you know my data but they would smoke it then and profit in this like social great uncle like embedded on. And other restaurant because. You know he used to like you might go home at hitter missed that bridge then peak. Well into the restaurant they always that it is great edit that's art are well off. So how perfect that your parents own a restaurant market and free meals and a first date. Are yet. That is the door and I want to not a vegetarian. Yeah let me deal breaker lead I LA and a Barbie here today right. I'm excited about. Written is that the war. So good but his era up placing the informed he added the U wanna try. And I remember. Like what the most famous. Candidate yet and I I totally think that central's the best alien. Definitely it's arrogant. Yes central's really did and he shot has been featured on the net tape to us on that please check out. Other our pinnacle or have to stop and one of those prices arm and down. I got asked the personal question here so since the bachelorette have you found someone you currently didn't similar. The united which. So different than what it luck or god easy arm you know one muted. I'm I'm super busy the last year's travel warning. You know every week and it and going somewhere new and we need people and and then and then to hold heat sink out of all year round and you know like in public to try to pay though. The government learning her it's figure out on how the eighty gonna be after the show us. An and yet I. I am back. They are an armored car along that it knows he's an old red hot. In Nashville. You know visit China at one dated and it and now you know things go well. In this are all from the bachelor bachelorette series. Well let it travel stories she's not actually she did it. A show. She was supposed to be on the show that Colin Powell at his bachelor and then went after that so. And then when I didn't being in it then. She can't well. And and then we ended up eating like a month later. Funny how that our. Sounds like he. Does in my work out you know like you the bachelorette for love well tonight you could final of two at the baseball game it's ladies night at the red birds game and gates open at 51 pitch. Is that 5353. Dollar wine for the ladies to dollar draft domestic Beers. And Luke will be sending on the grass at six tickets are still available for the fantasy suite just go to Memphis Roberts dot com and we will see tonight. Credit he's witty and. Be back and one of the. Yeah yeah exactly and now I really really didn't know it today. That's between at a baseball again. Who would have thunk it Luke thanks to call and we'll see tonight at the red birds game. Are they god honored today. He. I cannot remember where I'd want to look back at eight. Rounding rot there's writing group but central is the best. Yes that's essentially blessed the bar he shot has been featured on that network tastes and. OK okay so well taxes are there more of it right. It's long been down. Heck yeah. So on. So rights that you your yacht on the show obviously and you'd do in country music which is awesome effect yet stuff on iTunes and spot a finer currently under which is awesome. Before you to all the country music stuff. I have you found love since the bachelorette.