Phone Tap 5-19-17 Grad Party

Friday, May 19th


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What's sent her husband or don't have it's not for want a wolf and last week and their families and the graduation party for their son's girlfriend in Los cheats on her husband out before and negate eight gift he returned with a ten dollar gift card so he thought that was actually a perfectly reasonable graduation present they didn't this year so far fellow depth we did and this is how went. And I know hi is this Brian. Oh yeah it is good that Steve here I am and it's father and you were at our house over the weekend for her graduation party. Oh yes feet yeah are what triggered what. Well we have just been going through all the gifts and I just wanted to give you a quick call. Well all right we'll know probably had a great time. That's great well you know I just wanted to call and make sure that you knew that he Starbucks card you gave Ana for her graduation. Was for ten dollars. I've yet to endorse right. Now OK that is correct I was thinking that may be said how Starbucks made a mistake. Forums. I'm not sure what we wouldn't be a mistake with. It doesn't matter I just thought maybe you had paid a hundred and they sent out only put ten on there and I was just checking to make sure that it was wrong. Oh. So what I'm bond surged Steve you don't think that was enough. Men and it's not mean it's not for me decide but the purpose is to send the young lady out into the world. And I guess at least she has eight cup of coffee in her. Yeah well you know what that's what got me through college. Anyway it was it was a nice party we enjoyed it thank you. All right I'm gonna. Well money that was pretty obvious that you into it I mean you went through the defeat multiple times. Aren't I'm sorry I didn't know you were keeping track. It was hard not to I mean I hit the putts a celibate furry. I'm not sure what you're getting at here. Did you water station pumping you want to say something to meet you can do at least actually heads your son graduated yet. Now much on the junior Greg Greg thank you. Do. I can't see well hey we look forward to the party just know there may be some re gifting going. Look I don't know what you're talking about here you know threw a party I Jane with my family we enjoyed ourselves. Well maybe you'll feel just a little more generous next year when it's year old kid but take you know I figure you're about EV five dollars in the hole with me. Wake me. You know I I don't believe that Steve. If you want me to write your check for 85 blocks. And that would make you feel good about your little party. I'll do it all right you can call what you through their party's. You know what this sounds more like an event that you're required to body in Q. Not our party or a girl graduating yeah if my 85 dollar check will make you feel like you got your. Your return on investment that then why don't what you were checked for 85 dollars but I really don't have time to. Forget the checked actually what she really wants is to go to the Rascal Flatts concert coming up in July with their friends show if you could maybe. Make it like a 150 dollars that would be awesome. I'd are are you seriously asking you this though. That's how your daughter preparing for life like bowling with friends to a way hillbilly concert. Can you want to get paid for that you can you'd think that the good life lesson for her role that graduating a concert. Are you really. Well your wife and I talked and I just thought that at ten not a gift card was eight for T bad graduation gift I mean that's off the what what what are my wife. What will she have to do with any of this world are you talking to my wife she's the one who contacted me here at 94 wanna wolf the city of this phone tapped this morning. What eight phone tap its Marty from a peaceful one mole Waltz. I'm on the radio right now you're on the radio right now all right radio voice I don't need this ongoing market this morning. Phone taps at 710 and its force on the own. Drum on a little else.