Thomas Rhett Chats With Marty This Morning! Part 1 3-22-17

Wednesday, March 22nd

Thomas Rhett calls Marty to talk babies, "The Wonder Years", and Bruno Mars! 

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It's little morning hey good morning contrary don't get more man how far. Hey Marty under an up and that's great. The article gap between kept up. Around. It's like I did watch his show ice like you'll hear from me for hours upon out and I'm saying. On the flat on the same wrapped up in politic of watching shows like much out of it. That the one years that's one of the most. I've I mean I had such a crush him when he drawn up as a kid and didn't I tell me I'd like she's the perfect girl at that point wondered like 1210. Nigerian man now welcome back welcome them want to today about. We concluded dependent. Kelly capacity simple you know yeah. Totally an and then they get older and I'm like aren't anymore Jessica Simpson. And and then you're like wow those girls are really real sell and right well lately silks edit the home team doers from the Lander sent her Friday night he's gonna be Rachel would look imported nearly dying for the show on Friday night. They admitted that I'm on the part of you know bring the toward on the south side and then you know open an account with. What people like Jason helping them and shield but it's knocked it down McConnell now onto Warren. And porcelain port that has me a blast. So there's a lot of talk about your new single coming out called craving you'd you accede played during your show want fright nights he would he listened for the saarc. But tell what does that song about. But on the phone could use it or the first single off but what. Program director command later this year and now. If I'm not you know this is really one of the only sold a record that not right. I like that happens a lot on a personal. So that and I just don't have a write a personal. And so this is not one is superb and but in eighty he'll tour. And it is once it went on the come duty solved a cut in the long term so. I'm done a couple weeks and a decent experience and say Jason. Went out on. We'll can't wait for a preview of the new album any your craving you on Friday night so he says about throwback. Mike Bruno Mars annual I think throwback. I think Bruno Mars or something about images says that throwback vibe. And and you were in Vegas a couple weeks you seen the brew Marcia. Yet with you everywhere in this incredible. Appellate a little girl up out of their bonds about future but a lot of jacket. And then even got a lot burnout has caucus before he went. All we're going to be seeing him and and a bigger. He was on his or mine that part theater which we're told you know or propped up people and I was really court signaled a little bit smaller setting interest. They just the best there ever funny lines. He is quite the entertainer axiom one time and you're like wow like that's a show they like just please keep on playing out here you repeat everything is key Mondale. So when you've seen artists like Bruno Mars what kind of ideas do you take from that and at its hero Chia. Yet you know I mean obviously I'll never built it could have. But you know there's just there's a lot of things he does on onstage announced or it. It just talk into the hands. That it. You cannot have certainly taken and threatened to choke up a load by Esther thank our charity darkened corporate somewhat the same thing and much of. Yeah I know he can dance like no one else's business and I trust me I think that I can dance like remarked that Jesus today had a few too many. I create Yemen and then you're an idiot the next day. It's not that now. Right at etc. especially IDs that person the bar that thinks they're into generally cool it. They're not and on point the beat they're just in their own little world but he's got to let them go and it's a lot of fun this that they don't want them but to come up we'll have more with Thomas rat. And don't forget that give you a code work commitment Il five for a chance to win tickets to see his show Friday night. And to win meet and greets to meet Chelsea Bowery more what Thomas rednecks and the wolf.