Thomas Rhett Chats With Marty This Morning! Part 2 3-22-17

Wednesday, March 22nd

Thomas Rhett calls Marty to talk babies, "The Wonder Years", and Bruno Mars! 

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That was threatening at this morning on the only that he floral on the wolf he'll be in town Friday night with Kelsey battle rainy at the latter senator. Now you have a lot of things going on lot of things dinner plate or on to work you do your wife find out that you're not only expecting that sound. But you're adopted a child from Africa so how prepare you at this point. Had you know we had the wondering and set up her arm around for a shower bringing home from a small country in Africa I'll get that sent forever ago you know what happened. A little bit late on the on the newborn that you know I'm now com. You know a look like far along and this adoption process and so now. We're currently working on transforming our other union took it well so this definitely tech at about women. So assume you're gonna be expecting to girls that. I'm you know obvious are about logical. Child Earl and but you know our child actually reveal the sex and that on. And so we're just just protect her from the key to. Analysts are responsible well you with the first not. I appreciate you have might never see it just says hit me up point when you finally find out but I actually quoted uniting adopting as one of the most amazing things. Someone can do for a child who is looking for a home who needs at home I'm so. So you're gonna be a first time dad have you thought about what kind of dad you're going to be. I thought can be someone to push ever pictured. But. You know I'm not religious excited to see what what what children oriented not. What the kitten you know about that sang country music and so whatever he did. I wanted to do everything he did so cool. I got a Warner my kids are gonna think I'm cool or not they and I even. But again I even care about music at all other I want plated you know play guitar that week. Completely content and soccer and gymnastics online sound just I'm just the city you know Tom how are out in two I hit what there. That makes sense. No toll makes sense but they had to get ready at. Acting zag giving you any parenting advice. You know everybody just keep saying sleep like he canyon. But that didn't beat at the most commentators I think it. You know I think you just have to. And for me is that this kind of won't be very very understanding person. Now wanna navy market they're in trouble I really want to understand and as we're aware that prominent. And related charities somewhat different tactic to translate now why why is it but it and that's not going to be but I have been thinking a lot about about him that I'm going to be in. And now obviously we've we plan all the stuff but we never know what that completely here senate election I'll let you know at about six months. At what they did as much sleep as you possibly can at this point then you and your wife Laura are such wonderful people in great people and he always seem like you're having fun you guys are doing things together. And of course obviously a lot of women out there are two other guys why KGB like Thomas or his wife relationship goals right arm and but obviously everyone gets in a big blow out fight every once in while bound to happen so what is the biggest fight you alone and never got into you. These side ever gotten to. She even turned. Highly and I'm kind of thing they'll buy. We you know we we can't quite loud and sighed and honored at a 100% and always meant to score or even twelve or so but I think I just think the biggest. All and really only fight through it and it was not forget pool for diplomats and makes sense to its all time what acted like Huckabee welcome but the work. Literally walking in the door she put okay. Don't forget. To grab I'll let you know and put it now like I got an attic I mean it or let him out the door now that he can turn around America. I have very one track. Think that's where we hit into the I. I think you're not alone because I remember like you walk in the door and she she called me H dike. Now don't forget this of the grocery store and allow won't forget I won't forget but then you your mind's gone you know like on I need this in this and that in aggregate he had an idiot helmets cycle works the chicken and you're not quilts I've got that. Gotten an item yeah. You know crap I have to go back to the grocery store all over I'm on which it's the dumbest things have become the biggest blowouts and biggest fights at exactly. Thomas I did that semester taken time and get back to watch in the wonder years in in really excited for the show Friday night. Obviously Russell Dickerson and Ryan heard Chelsea gallery needs can be amazing show. The you have to hang in the back up there has been really. Just incredible and I really translator and translate to ensure assembly. Yeah. Bloody we can't wait to see a Friday night with the hometown tour coming italics Kelsey battering he Ryan heard and Russell Dickerson so we will see you Friday night man you gotta man thank.