Meet No Ticket Turkey

A turkey in Livermore, California saved a speeding driver from getting a ticket last week, and it was caught on the cop's bodycam. The officer approaches the vehicle to let the driver know he will be getting a ticket. As if he were the protector of the people, a turkey comes down the sidewalk and...
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Fowl Play: Thanksgiving Turkey Tips From a Poultry Expert

When exactly is the right time to start preparing the Thanksgiving fixings? A local poultry expert says right now. If you can, Dean Frankenfield of Godshall's Poultry in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market recommends picking up a fresh turkey. “You can tell by the skin if it's nice and moist and...
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Have Fun with your Family on Thanksgiving with this Turkey Cake

Yes the headline is correct, the turkey in the video is not a turkey at all, it's a carefully sculpted cake. Sarah Hardy makes these masterpieces. She is also known to make wide range of realistic confectionery. From zombie cakes to lifelike chocolate hearts Sarah's creations are like none other. "...
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