Wash your hands

Dolly Parton Changes Up The Lyrics of Jolene To Make A Better Hand Washing Song

The CDC says we should wash our hands for twenty seconds several times a day in an effor to fight The Coronavirus. Several sites have listed good songs to sing that take about twenty seconds. It seems that Dolly Parton' s"Jolene" is almost always on that list. Now Dolly has a new version of the...
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Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge

Remember when Baby Shark (doo doo doodoo doo...sorry) took over the world? Well they back with an equally catchy song to help children was their hands. If you'll teach your kids the words through the "rub your hands' part of the above video, they will have got their twenty seconds in. Hopefully,...
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Having Trouble Getting Your Kids To Wash Their Hands? Show Them This

An Orangutan Demonstrates How to Wash Your Hands
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Easy Experiment To Help Children Learn The Importance of Hand Washing

We should have always been washing our hands frequently but with the scare of the Coronavirus , its top of mind now more than ever. But getting children to understand why it's so important can be tough. In the video below, what appears to be a teacher has a great experiment for young children that...
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